How to: Bandana hair bow!

When you hear about big bows, you probably think of Lady Gaga and her many oversized hair bows she has been seen wearing.

(Picture from
Maybe a bow this size is not for everyone, but I know a way you can turn a bandana into a cute bow that Gaga would be proud of.

All you need is a bandana of your choice, and something to put it in your hair with. I use a headband and tie the bow onto it.

Every time I wear mine out I get so many compliments and asked if I made it myself. It is perfect for days when you want to be noticed (Although I don’t think I’d wear it on my wedding day).

Making one of these bows is surprisingly easy! You can wear it as a bow one day, and then take it apart and wear it as a simple tied bandana. This makes it great for festivals. You can wear it as a big bow on day one, a simple tied look for day two, and the washerwoman look when the rain comes, or if your hair needs a wash.

I wear mine most days and love how it can complete an outfit.

So now I bet you want to know how to make one for yourself? All you have to do is watch this video by ViraRiva to see how to make this gorgeous and eye catching hair bow!



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